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Salmon fillets in olive oil

Pink fillets of “Salmo Salar” salmon, bred in the Norwegian fjords.
With no skin or fishbone and ready to enjoy as a main dish. Particularly good food for the heart thanks to its rich nutrients, such as Omega 3 fatty acids.
The olive oil version is ready for serving with all its intense flavour.

Pack: 150 g
Nutritional qualities
Average nutrition for 100 g product (drained):
1285 kj / 310 kcal
26,4 g

of which saturated fats:
4,5 g

of which polyunsaturated fats:
5,3 g
0 g

of which sugar:
0 g
17,9 g
0,75 g
High in Omega3 fatty acids (EPA+DHA= 0,2g %g product (drained))